Shops & Stations

Shops & Stations

Smiles that move limits

Without travel, life is boring. Without travellers, Flix could not move limits. That's why we are so proud of our customer-facing teams working in our shops, and at bus and train stations. They make sure that our passengers have a smooth journey from purchasing a ticket to finishing their journey. That's what we call a travel revolution.


We are the face of Flix and represent our company directly to the customer in our 11 shops across Germany. A great honor and clearly a multifaceted task with variety. With our various Flix services we manage to bring countless people together all over the world. And the best thing: it all starts with a smile from our team.

On every new day, before every new trip, with every new customer in our shops, the goal is clear. We want to provide the best possible experience to our passengers.

Station Management

The Flix station management vision is to provide best bus stops to the passengers. This means that we are responsible for almost everything one could imagine about the perfect start of a journey. It begins with the bus stations but goes much further. Like coordinating with local authorities about locations and equipment, such as signs and timetables, to improve passenger services. Like fighting for stations reachable by public transport, centrally-located and equipped so that passengers can find them easily. Like making sure our bus partners and drivers can access stations smoothly. Like ensuring we have enough capacity at the bus stops to implement the whole network planned by our network planning colleagues. 
It is a busload of interesting and interdisciplinary topics in a future-oriented, international environment.

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