Customer Service

Customer Service

Have a smooth journey

Operating customer experiences on 40 markets and in over 10 different languages? Sounds like a challenge! And of course, we meet this challenge the Flix way: with strong teamwork across the globe.

Smart tools for a smooth Flix journey

Our dedicated vendors serve customers across four key channels; phone, chat, web and social media. Meanwhile, our central teams focus on managing operations as well as delivering smarter tools and service definition for smooth customer experiences. 
But the Flix customer service is not “just” a contact center – but a tech department. Every day we scale and improve our services by using data-driven decisions which influence our product, technology and service operations.

Customer service professionals or problem-solving superheroes?

Since we communicate with customers in so many different markets, we really thrive off our teams’ diversity. From Operational Systems to Compliance to Vendor Management, the international buzz of Flix is vivid and visible like nowhere else.
We are always on the move and looking for smarter ways to deliver customer service, without compromising on quality. We love data and technology, solving problems is our superpower and keeping the voice of customer at the heart of everything we do, is natural to us. Do you see yourself moving limits with us?

Wondering if you’d be a good fit for our team?

Apply now and create with us a customer experience that’s even smoother than a FlixBus ride. Operations, analytics and project experience is a plus, but not a must for customer service positions. (Or check out our many other positions waiting for you to move limits!)

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