Network Planning

Network Planning

Plan hard, play hard...

We are proudly introducing the Flix network planning team. They are responsible for the Flix Networks around the world, define market entry strategies, develop the offer, and constantly optimize it to create the world’s best network, accessible to everyone who is looking for a smart way to travel. Therefore, they work closely together with most of the other departments of Flix. Teamwork makes the dream work, a wise person once said – so, it is even better if your dream is also the company’s vision, right?

We don't just look at maps. We drive the travel revolution firsthand.

What is it like to be part of the Network Planning team?
One day you work side by side with a software engineer, the next you sit together with e-platform commercial experts on how to steer the business. You get to design the future travel experience of our customers and then support business development and operations managers to make it happen for real. That is when you know you are connecting not only dots on a map, but millions of people. 

Different background, nationalities and team.

Developing one of the core areas of our business, the transportation product itself, gives us the privilege to work together and interact with many of the diverse souls of our eclectic company. We are a highly multicultural and international crew with around 20 different nationalities – which is awesome, if you work for a company like Flix, with plenty of destinations all around the globe. Network Planning is a place for intercultural teamwork to provide the best workable solutions. In addition to engineers and urban planners, many geographers, biologists, and mathematicians maintain an open and honest exchange with each other within and across teams.

Starting as a Junior Manager in Network Planning, I had the chance to build up Flix's network in Italy, US, Spain, Portugal, France, BeNeLux, and what a ride it has been!

Andrea Guenzani, Head of Network Planning Excellence

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