International Business Development and Corporate Development

International Business Development and Corporate Development

Dream big, make it real!

Every team at Flix moves limits, but there are some that actually work everyday to paint the whole world Flix Green. Our International Business Development and Corporate Development Teams are responsible for developing the business so Flix can become a truly international, global player in the travel revolution. Let it be organic growth or mergers and integrations, they know how to take Flix to the next level.

Business Development

The International Development Teams at Flix are responsible for our organic go-to-market strategies. We identify which new markets are attractive and relevant for Flix to enter, develop the go-to-market strategy for these markets, hire and onboard the local core team and project manage the launch of new countries until green busses hit the road. As we are constantly working on fast-moving projects, agile thinking is key to us and we are quick on our feet when it comes to decision making. We are also often handling a wide range of stakeholders, from country regulators to other internal teams.

Corporate Development

The Corporate Development team deals with projects like establishing strategic partnerships and joint ventures or acquisitions both in existing and new markets. We have two main teams within corporate development: Mergers & Acquisitions and Post Merger Integration, working together like a well-oiled green bus. The M&A team establishes dialogue with industry players and covers all important stages of transactions before seamlessly handing over to the PMI team who make sure that the integration of the acquired businesses works smoothly and efficiently. Our goal is to make welcoming new members into the FLix family a great experience to everyone involved, and customers, employees, and partners experience as little disruption as possible. In our daily work we closely align with Flix Management, the local Flix teams, external advisors, and even various business and FlixTech teams.

Wondering if you’d be a good fit for our team?

We work in a dynamic environment so agile thinking and autonomy is key to us. With a strong analytical mindset, some love for problem solving, and a dash of sweet stakeholder management skills we will be painting the world green together in no time. Are you in?

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